You’ve found the home of O-SPEC. Life is one big adventure, welcome to ours!
O-SPEC / oh-spek / noun    Overland Specification / Off-Road Specialties
The term mil-spec is know for it’s association with high grade gear and materials for the armed forces. O-SPEC strives for overlanding / off-road gear and equipment at a similar standard.

Along with product reviews, trip reports, awesome videos and membership privileges will make this a home for the mature enthusiasts. Come share your experiences, learn from others and tell us all what works, what doesn’t, where you’ve been and where you are headed. As we go we will do our best to offer products that run the gamut, fill the need and help ready you to get out there for an adventure of your own.

We have already built our reputation on customer service, community support and product knowledge so join us as we take it to the next level to include more vehicles, models, preferences and performance levels for everyone that gets out to explore and enjoy the back country. We’re fortunate to have a fantastic group of individuals with a wide range of expertise and experience to join us on the trip and help make O-SPEC a place to be for new and seasoned off-roaders looking for an informative, respectful and friendly venue.



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